Empowering sex trafficking survivors to live in freedom

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Stand Fast in Freedom is a place for sex trafficking survivors to be healed, restored, and empowered to pursue a uniquely meaningful future. The program provides holistic care to underage female survivors in a 24/7 live-in residential facility in Nebraska. We recognize the sacred complexity of what it means to be human, and intentionally provide for each of the interdependent dimensions of life: body, mind, soul, spirit.


We provide for basic necessities including food, shelter, clothing and access to medical and dental care, in a safe and secure environment that allows for healing


We provide a schooling curriculum under the direction of a licensed teacher, as well as psychosocial education in our counseling curriculum under our licensed mental health providers.


Counseling is provided by mental health practitioners both adept at psychotherapy and certified in Logotherapy so as to empower survivors to identify personal values and meanings and make practical steps toward pursuing them.


We believe spiritual development is a fundamental aspect of comprehensive wellbeing, and encourage program participants to recognize their inherent value and worth and pursue their unique meanings.


We exist to love and empower victims of child sex trafficking to stand fast in their freedom.



We view true freedom as freedom to live the life one was intended to live as well as freedom to forgive, refusing to let past injustices dictate future responses.


We respect every person as an individual with intrinsic value, irreplaceable, and with limitless potential.


We aim to equip survivors with resilience to overcome suffering by introducing them to real love that transcends all boundaries and overcomes all sorrow.


We aim to build resilience, instill hope, and empower survivors to take responsibility for their own lives and to in turn bring hope to others.


We desire for those we serve to recognize our devotion to them as grounded in our desire to share with them an unconditional love. We recognize the shared brokenness of humanity and journey with them through a heart of humility, together seeking deeper healing.

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We are seeking employees and volunteers with a heart of compassion and humility to join our team. For inquiries regarding available positions or other ways to support our ministry, and for other inquiries, please leave us a message using the form provided.

Handwritten notes and donations can be mailed to 2916 S. 132nd Street # 138, Omaha NE 68144.

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